Beautiful Wedding Bouquet



How long is the painting process?

Every event is unique and the time it takes to complete the painting is also dependent on the client's requests, however the goal is to complete the artwork in the duration of your event. That may require me to set up a few hours ahead of the start time. If the painting is not finished by the end of the event, I will take it back to my studio to finish and deliver back to you or ship if that is required. (shipping not included)


Will you ship the finished artwork back to our home for us?

Yes! If I finish the piece the night of your wedding, I will leave the piece with you to take home and swoon over. However, If you would like me to ship it home for you, that is totally an option. Figuring out how to get a big piece of art home can be stressful. Let me handle the packaging and shipping for you to ensure that your new artwork gets home safely. Shipping of your artwork back to your home address is available as an add-on when you check out on my booking page. Shipping costs are calculated by size and standard shipping rates from the Hawaiian Islands. 


Do you need the venue to supply anything for you?

I will bring all of my own gear, including a simple set up of easel, small side table, glass water jar to clean brushes with, and a light to see by. From the venue I will just need a place to get water and an electrical outlet nearby if I need to plug my light in. If by chance  there is weather at an outdoor venue, I may need coverage like an umbrella or awning. 


What materials do you use for your artwork?

I use the highest quality materials to create your artwork. All of my materials are archival and museum quality so that your painting will last for generations as an heirloom. I use acrylic paints like Golden artist acrylic paints on stretched cotton canvas.


Will the painting come framed?

Each finished acrylic painting has the potential to be hung on your wall, however framing is not provided. It will be up to the client's discretion if and how they'd like to frame their piece.


Will you travel inter-island, to the mainland, or internationally?

Yes, yes, and yes! I will gladly travel to your destination to provide my services for your wedding or event. If your location is 1.5 hrs from my Maui residence, I just ask that you cover the travel fees. This includes one night of lodging and flights for venues outside of Maui. To keep travel simple and worry free for the client, I will research the most reasonable flights and lodging prices, make the bookings myself, and request the amount as a lump sum from the client to cover the costs.